Window Tinting

Residential/Commercial Tinting Services:

Our qualified customer focused tinting experts can be deployed within the day for quotations and service calls. Our tradesmen are well groomed and easy to identify in their Downs Tinting & Signs logo. We install excellent quality films to provide impeccable optical clarity from the inside, while maintaining privacy and aesthetic qualities from the outside.

Automotive Tinting Services:

We offer a renge of premium quality Suntek films to provide the best UV protection to your family and your interiors. Most film installation is done on site in our dust free environment. However we also specialise in tinting Trucks, tractors or any heavy duty equipment off site if need be. The films we use come with a lifetime warranty.

Safety & Security Films:

These films provide exceptional optical clarity and have advanced adhesive performance ot protect glass against natural and man-made dangers, asuring your safety and peace of mind. The varied thickness of the films reduces the rist of flying glass, making them virtually impenetrable. This helps isolate fires and prevent them from spreading to other rooms or other buildings. It provides a remarkably clear barrier of maximum protection.

For further tint info see our SunTek Page or the Suntek Films Website.